Kora Kami is a project by Simon Lulzac.
Drawing inspiration from his Danish roots as well as his fascination with Japan and the art of Origami, he looks at the infinite possibilities of folding and sculpting paper.
I have been folding paper for as long as I can remember. It has always fascinated me how this material can be manipulated in countless ways. In 2015 I discovered origami and started folding every day, often for many hours. At this point I began to understand the unlimited potential hidden in a piece of paper.
In our modern world paper is often overlooked and not regarded as anything significant. I believe that paper is one of our most important inventions, which is why I seek to create surprising artworks that make people reconnect with this analogue treasure from the past.
At the moment I work on a variety of unique sculptures, each of them folded from a single sheet of paper. Some of these sculptures become part of my hanging mobiles to create uplifting art pieces that inspire and relax the mind.