Frequently asked questions

All mobiles are carefully packed in a cardboard box, with tissue paper to protect the origami figures.  Included is a wooden pin with 2,5 meters of nylon string with a hook at the end to hang the mobile.

There are many places to install your mobile. For example you could hang it above your bed or from a lamp. Generally, a good place is where you will be able to observe your mobile, and where it can move freely. Make sure that the mobile is out of reach from pets and children. Most Kora Kami mobiles are lightweight and do not need much air to move.

No, you should not hang your mobile outside. A Kora Kami mobile is a delicate object, that won’t do well in strong wind, humid weather or rain.

1. Hang the string using the wooden pin included in the box. To do so, open the pin and gently unroll the string to the desired length and very important, secure the remaining string to prevent it from further unrolling. Then attach the pin to a lampshade or a hook in your ceiling. If you want to install it without the pin, simply cut the string, make a loop at the end and hang it from a hook that you have installed. Alternatively, you can use a paperclip by bending the outer layer 90 degrees to form a hook and stick the paper clip to the ceiling with a strong adhesive tape (this is not recommended for heavier mobiles).
2. Once the string is installed, hang the mobile by connecting the hook at the end of the string to the top eyelet of the brass wire on the main structure. Once the mobile is hanging, check that no strings are entangled or wrapped around the wires of the mobile.

Over time the colors might fade, as with everything that is exposed to light. Avoid hanging your mobile in direct sunlight to ensure that the colors stay bright for as long as possible. Also, keep in mind that the brass wires will oxidize and become less shiny as time passes.

Dust, cobwebs etc. can accumulate on your mobile. Use a soft brush to gently clean the necessary areas.

Over time some of the figures might change their shape a little. Changes in temperature and humidity will affect the paper and therefore the shape as well. All figures are carefully folded using techniques that prevent the paper from warping too much, so this is usually not an issue.

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