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This delicate mobile is minimal, elegant and yet full of expression. It consists of origami birds folded from vintage Danish maps and beautiful modules of brass wire.

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There is something poetic about the combination of birds and maps, taking the mind towards travel and migration.
A light and elegant art piece that makes a beautiful addition to any room.

Mobile information

Name: Migration
Material: Vintage map paper, Brass
Size: Depending on the amount of birds


Type: Cardboard box
Dimension: Depending on mobile size

Additional information

○ Each bird is carefully wet-folded from a sheet of vintage map paper, and is approximately 8,5cm from head to tail.
○ All parts are connected with clear nylon thread, double knotted and fixed with permanent glue.
○ Each level can freely rotate 360 degrees.
○ Included is a wooden pin with 2,5 meters of nylon string with a brass hook at the end to hang the mobile.
○ This mobile is not a toy and should be kept out of reach from children and pets.
○ This mobile is for indoor use only and must be kept in dry conditions.


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